Image I was a graduate student at UCSD, interested in building rich models of tightly coupled localization and environmental representation that unify multiple characteristics. The full list of my publications is in Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, ResearchGate, dblp, OpenReview, and 百度学术. I also maintain a research reading list.

Before undergrad, I attended SJZ No.2 Middle School. During the Bridging Course at Naitional University of Singapore, my overall grade ranked the 1st in Math, Physics, and Chemistry with a class size over 150 students, and then I obtained my Bachelor's degree from Naitional University of Singapore. After graduation, I joined the NUS UAV Research Group and worked at Temasek Laboratories for two years.

For hobbies, I am interested in coding and algorithm problems, documented in the coding page. I also publish blogs on my personal website and also via Medium. For the extracurricular activities, I enjoy writing in my spare time, eg. A Mystery Trip in the US is published in the Chinese Mystery Magazine, more writings in blog. I was also a member of the NUS Chinese Debate Team (新国大中文辩论队) for four years during my undergraduate program.


    Aug. 19, 2023 I attended IJCAI 2023, here are my slides for the experience.

    Dec. 1, 2021 I presented my research for the Advancement to Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, here are my slides, and I passed the PhD qualifying exam.