My high shool

    2021年01月17日 字数:1139

Recently I read a post about a recent PhD graduate’s journey here. Her blog says that it is a good practice to constantly keeping a record of the papers read, the projects done, even if we are stuck, so that we always have something to refer to.

Moreover, in her webpage, she mentioned that

My interests in mathematics and computer science began through many fun experiences competing in national mathematical Olympiads in high school, and being on the UK team at the China Girls Math Olympiad.

So I got interested and looked up China Girls Math Olympiad. The beginning is superisingly familiar to me

There were some minor travelling issues. We found that our carriage on the journey to Shijiazhuang did not exist and so we ended up all sitting in a single berth. The flights were superb and travel in China was straightforward.

And then, based on the picture given in this article, I almost immediately recognized the place, as written in the article

The event was very well run indeed. We were met at the station by three people and allocated two guides. The guides were exceptional. They knew the schedule every day and ensured that we were in the right place at the right time. The girls became good friends with them. The accommodation was primitive, but perfectly adequate. We were all based at Shijiazhuang no. 2 middle school. There was no attempt to separate contestants from leaders. There was a shop on campus and so we could get provisions easily. The food provided was good and they went to great lengths to ensure that the vegetarians were well catered for.

In fact, I attended both my junior and senior high school at Shijiazhuang no. 2 middle school. I think Maithra Raghu went to the south campus, while I was in the main campus.

Nowadays, I can still see the post when I graduated from this link. Anyway, the blog post reminds me of a memorable 6 years at my high school.